Books - Phar Lap - The Untold Story

It’s new, it’s revealing and it’s available now. It’s the latest book on racing legend Phar Lap – providing for the first time an in-depth look at his New Zealand heritage. The hard-cover book of 185 pages discloses a wealth of previously unknown information about Phar Lap’s New Zealand background. Among them are an in depth look at his breeder and how he was named; the truth about Harry Telford’s obsessive drive to buy him; an in-depth history of Harry Telford as a jockey and trainer in Australia and New Zealand; and precise details of how Phar Lap came to be purchased. Also revealed is the story of Phar Lap’s passage from Australia to America via New Zealand for his ultimate success in winning the Agua Caliente Handicap and a deep analysis of his subsequent, still mysterious, death, 16 days after that crowning achievement. for the few failures in his career, the biggest of which was the 1931 Melbourne Cup, which the authors claim was an “impossible mission”. They also divulge for the first time the true story about the sad personal life of Harry Telford.

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Books - Special Edition Phar Lap Book To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Phar Lap’s win in the Melbourne Cup occasion we released a brand new publication featuring photos of all of Phar Lap’s 37 wins. Titled "The Phar Lap Collection" it is a companion publication to our famous A3 size book which was restricted to a print run of only 1,000 copies, and sold originally for $298.00. This new hard cover book contains the same information as the original Collectors' edition,but at a fraction of the cost, now selling at the reduced price of only AUD$29.70. For packaging and express postage in Australia, please add $15. Of some 130 pages, it measures approx 30 cm x 21 cm and like its sister publication features photos of all of Phar Lap's wins as well as all the statistics and an enthralling story of Phar Lap's career. So if you want to see everything that was once restricted to the high end of the Phar Lap book market, this is the book for you.
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Books - The Phar Lap Collection

Photographs of every win by Phar Lap have been found after laying “hidden” for more than 60 years. The rare pictures were discovered from the archives of Phar Lap’s owner Mr David Davis, and they have been reproduced for the first time in The Phar Lap Collection. This superb volume, printed on art-quality paper and complete with a burgundy linen presentation case, is complemented by thoroughly researched statistics and text. These previously unpublished pictures graphically illustrate the might of Phar Lap. The ease of many of his victories cannot be appreciated until you see the finishes. Little did he realise the status the race would quickly achieve. Its winners represent the Who's Who in Australasian racing. Now the story is available for the first time, with a history about the race and a blow by blow description of every race in the 200 page hard cover book 'Valley Of The Kings".

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Books - The Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup 1861-2000 is an in-depth look at Australia’s most famous Race.

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